My Little Book of Poetry and Prayer

(release date: 5/10/20)

My Little Book of Poetry and Prayer is the winner of the Christian Indie Award for Poetry. It is filled with Christ-centered poems of faith that bring comfort, encouragement, and healing to the soul. Let these poetic prayers speak to your heart, as we journey together as one with the Father of Love, through His living Word and His life-giving Spirit. Use this book as a daily devotional, meditate and reflect on one poem a day for the span of forty days, or read the book straight through. May these heart-warming, transformative words help give you a more positive perspective on prayer, as a means of growing closer to our Heavenly Father and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.



For My Beloved

(release date: 2/11/20)

For My Beloved is an inspired collection of love poems, sprinkled with uplifting love quotes throughout the book. The poems are broken down into three parts: Power of Love/Seeking Love, New Love/In Love and Past Love/Second chance love. Use the poems to convey your feelings to that special someone, or read them to your beloved. There is hope in love and you are sure to find it in this romantic poetry collection. Included at the end are journaling pages, so you can try your hand at writing some love poems of your own.


In My Thoughts

(release date: 7/23/18)

In My Thoughts is an original collection of inspirational quotes to awaken the mind. Let these words of wisdom on faith, life and love boost your inner strength and self-awareness. Create your own quotes on the “Write Your Own Quote” pages, and motivate yourself to a new way of thinking


The Without Borders Inspirational Series

Faith Without Borders

(release date: 11/15/15)

Virginia Martin’s heartfelt, personal testimony in her debut book, Faith Without Borders, describes God’s powerful influence in her life. It is an inspirational book of devotions, uplifting words of wisdom, and scriptural references that are sources of strength and encouragement. Faith Without Borders is a devotional for those starting out, wondering about Christianity, lost or struggling along their path. It encourages you to step out in faith, so that God can meet you in all the places that you need him.



Hope Without Borders

(release date: 11/15/16)

Start each day with hope and reflection. Your life counts and is worth remembering. Hope without Borders Reflective Journal for the Spiritual Soul is a guided inspirational journal that opens your spiritual soul to reflective thought by using questions and quotes. Use this journal to record life as it happens and make it a memorable keepsake.


Love Without Borders

(release date: 12/18/18)

Love Without Borders: A poetry collection from the heart, is a compilation of poems on faith, hope, love, and life. It is Volume Three in the Without Borders Inspirational Series, and includes a bonus section of additional poetry written by Virginia Martin’s family and friends. Poetry is an uplifting and inspiring illustration of what makes us come alive. Virginia believes that love connects us all, and invites readers to open their hearts to a new experience in reading the written word.



The Journals to Remember Series

A Christmas Journal

(release date: 11/24/18)

The Christmas season is a special time of year, and journaling is a great way to remember time spent with family and friends. “A Christmas Journal” has blank lined pages to record family Christmas stories, or old and new traditions. Include a favorite holiday recipe, picture, poem, song or prayer. This is your journal to make as personal and memorable as you wish.


Walk of Faith Journal

(release date: 1/28/19)

Walk of Faith is a journal for personal reflections, biblical encouragement, prayers, sermon and bible study notes. Included are bible verses, insightful quotes and questions for reflective thought. In your walk of faith, let this journal be a companion to your daily devotional time with God.


Falling Into Gratitude: Christian Gratitude Journal

(release date: 5/4/21)

Enjoy the journey to being thankful and expressing gratitude with Falling Into Gratitude: Christian gratitude journal. Start each morning and end each day by writing down what you are grateful for. This practice leads to a positive mindset and different perspective about the world around you. This Christian gratitude journal can also be used for daily reflection and spiritual meditation. It is a unique, fun journal with coloring pages, motivational quotes, bible verses, gratitude affirmations, gratitude word search, gratitude prompts, insights/activities on thankfulness, and extra journaling pages. Make Falling Into Gratitude a timeless keepsake journal for yourself or gift it to someone special.