Breaking Through the Blank Page

This is my second attempt in writing fiction. I was inspired to write the excerpt below, and I am not sure where it will go. It is the beginning of something that I hope turns into a novella, which is my goal. No working title yet.

“It started as a joke, plain and simple. He was in jail with lots of time on his hands. He was there because a woman put him there, unfairly, yet she had gotten away with it. And now, all women were going to pay the price, no matter the cost or how much their hearts broke. Vincent scrolled around, found several attractive women, and hit “friend request” on Facebook. One of these women, Virginia, looked innocent and sweet, the perfect target to start his plan; he lost everything and had nothing to lose. He did not care anymore about anything or anyone.

He heard the beep on the computer, that was fast, Virginia accepted, boy was she in for a ride. Women, he thought, so gullible and vulnerable, it was pathetic.  He hardly had any information on his profile, and somehow someone had thought him worthy of being a “friend”.  Vincent looked at Virginia’s profile page but was stuck on the profile picture. Those eyes, kind, yet mysterious at the same time, and the shape of her lips looked inviting.  What was he doing? He was out for blood, not romance. He got his eyes away from her face. Focus he said to himself, he had to show no mercy, he hardened his heart, a heart that once was loving, full of trust, but shattered at the hands of a ruthless, cynical woman.

He sent Virginia a message and went on to the next one. He had 5 chat boxes open.  He was curious to see which one would fall for his lies first; his charm would work to his advantage.  Vincent dozed off while waiting for one of his victims to respond.  It was getting late, and he had to shut down the computer before the guards called lights out.  Before shutting down the computer, he had the urge to look at Virginia’s picture one more time. Why he didn’t know, but her eyes drew her to him.  Just for that, he would work extra hard to twist her heart and make her fall in love with him.  She would regret accepting his friend request, he would make sure of it.”

To be continued….

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