“End The Stigma” T-Shirt Fundraiser 

I have been in recovery for 10 years from depression and it has been a hard road. What I find that has been challenging is being able to talk about it, because of the way I might be perceived. I want to change that, in the little I can do, little by little and step by step. I am a Mental Health Advocate and want to help end the stigma and change the narrative around mental health conditions. To that end I designed this t-shirt and started the campaign: “End The Stigma” Shirt Fundraiser. Use promotion code ENDSTIGMA22 for 10% discount at checkout. Link: https://www.bonfire.com/end-the-stigma-shirt-fundraiser/

I ask for you to be part of the change process and support this fundraiser. Also, consider being a Mental Health Advocate or Ally. Your support of this campaign will help in the mental health awareness and education efforts in the community to stop the stigma and change the narrative around mental health conditions. All proceeds from this fundraiser are going to this cause and to programs and communities that provide services and resources to individuals with mental health conditions, for their wellness and recovery. Ultimately, my goal in doing this and future mental advocacy campaigns is to promote mental well-being for all. Thank you!!

Please feel free to share and/or repost this and YouTube Video:

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