New Poem: PRETEND Ends

Yesterday, October 10th, was World Mental Health Day. I was inspired to write the poem below and want to share it with you:


I can’t pretend
I let the tears flow
Hoping it opens a door
Childhood trauma
Kept secret
Adult domestic violence
Gave my life no reason
But, now, I look up
Slowly healing
Bravely feeling
Knowing I am enough
I love all of my pieces
Good and bad
I am here for a reason
I have a voice at last
I tell you my story
Not for you to be sorry
For sharing saves lives
Help end the stigma
Of mental illness
Listen with your heart
Lend a hand
Reach out
Touch someone
My story is not over
I am not alone
In my journey
God has given me mercy
To be present
In recovery
My mask is finally off
No two days are the same
And that is so ok!!

This poem expresses my mental health advocacy and how important it is to end the stigma and change the narrative around mental health conditions.

Pretend Ends is one of the poems featured in my future poetry book, POETRY WITHOUT BORDERS, which is part of my Without Borders Inspirational Series.


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