Creative Space

My creative space has expanded the last several months. I opened myself up to creating books different from my norm, while staying true to my writing ministry.

I attribute this to nurturing my creative side more fully, and not blocking it, with the responsible side of my brain, that made no time for it. I have been counter productive in not allowing and making time to let my creativity shine through.

My current experience in letting myself have a free mind and space has been instrumental to my self-care practice and mental health well-being. It has allowed a peace and calm to my day. I was not mindful of taking care of my mental health, as I am now. It is very important to cultivate a balance with letting creativity to be part of your day, it is also a fun, enjoyable, relaxing experience.

I have noticed a difference in my mind and perspective in spending time in a creative space. I have a clearer brain pathway that helps me deal with life moments in a more positive manner and energy. I am also enjoying art journaling, colors uplift my spirit, and matching it to writing is a win-win.

My creative works recently for mental wellness are: MY ANYTHING I WANT TO PLAN,WRITE OR CREATE JOURNAL, and AFFIRMATIONS FOR MENTAL WELLNESS COLORING BOOK. I have a new 2023 planner to be published soon. I have not done these three types of books before and I enjoyed doing something different.

Be in the flow, let your imagination run free to create.

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